Locksmith and Ways to Avoid Them

Locksmith and Ways to Avoid Them

These days, scams can lurk around every corner. No industry is immune. Consumers even have to be wary of those companies who are there to assist them in times of emergency, such as lock professionals. Luckily, there are a few ways to tell whether the company you’ve contacted is legitimate.

When You Call

Instead of looking at just the name of a company, it’s important to listen. When you call, pay attention to how the individual answers the call. If they don’t mention a company name, but say something, like “locksmith services,” this is a red flag. Any company that won’t or is unable to provide a caller with their legal business name, even when only answering the phone, is likely not operating legally.

When They Arrive

Once a lock professional has arrived at your home, you should request they provide some form of identification and proof of their license in the profession. But be aware of the licensing requirements in your state; believe it or not, not all states will require their lock professionals to obtain a license.

Another thing to request is an estimate prior to the professional beginning any work. Yet another is to en-quire about any extra charges, such as might be incurred when you call after hours. If they either cannot or will not provide this information, it may be best to go elsewhere.

Matching Numbers

If you called a company to get an estimate over the phone, it’s vital that you record this number. Once the professional arrives at your home, compare the phone estimate with the estimate they give you in person. If these aren’t the same, you have the right to disallow any work being performed by that company. Some companies may assume that their customers will forget the amount they were quoted once the company arrives to perform its service. However, this doesn’t have to happen to you.

Getting Pushy

If the lock company technician who visits your home insists on either drilling or replacing the lock right away, or strongly recommends it, take caution; they may not be as experienced as they say they are. Those lock professionals with experience will possess the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to fix or breach any lock.

No Answer

If you have tried to contact a lock professional business several times, and have experienced issues with them getting back to you, then chances are they will treat your particular job in the same manner. If this is the case, much stress and frustration can be saved by simply calling another professional who is willing to stay in touch with you.

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